Enter. Scan. Add.

User² allows users to input their social media and let other individuals quickly add them from a QR code.

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Why User²?

Connect with new people easily

User² makes the username adding process so much easier and saves time for more interaction between people or groups.

Access scanned data instantly

Scanned data will be displayed quickly and cleanly for an easier scan experience.

Great for university

Meet new friends while away at school and stay in touch through social media.

Share portfolios, websites and business cards.

Usernames are not the only media that can be scanned. Showcase websites, photography portfolios or your fancy virtual business card.

Built-in QR Reader

User² comes loaded with a QR reader for all your scan needs. No need for different apps or your phone's camera.

Integrate it with your advertisement

Simplify your advertisements with a QR code or User² link. Takes the social media accounts and adds them into one.